Clinical Blood Transfusion Committee

The Clinical Transfusion Professional Committee of the IAABG aims to realize safe, reasonable, timely, and effective transfusion, to reduce the risk of transfusion, to carry out and promote the application of new clinical transfusion technologies and multi-center research on clinical transfusion, and ultimately to advance the development of clinical transfusion through its cooperation and exchange with medical institutions, scientific research institutes, and enterprises. Its working responsibilities are listed as follows.
1. Complying with national laws, regulations, standards and norms, social ethics and norms of morality, the Charter, Affiliation Management and other regulation of the IAABG;
2. Formulating and implementing the annual working plan and completing timely year-end summary of the Association according to its responsibilities;
3. Facilitating the standardized management of clinical transfusion and promoting the new progress and new technologies of clinical transfusion;
4. Actively carrying out blood group and gene detection training related to clinical transfusion, and providing technical guidance and consultation for primary medical institutions;
5. Actively participating in professional and academic exchanges at home and abroad in the field of blood transfusion on behalf of the Association;
6. Fully utilizing public information platforms such as websites and WeChat to carry out academic communication, discussions on difficult cases, and science popularization;
7. Drafting expert consensus in the field of blood transfusion;
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the Association.